Monday, November 3, 2008

Spotlight on The Handmade Quilt (Abbie)

Since Sew Craft Blog group #1 has closed, I've chosen to spotlight one of the fantastic blogs in that group. It was really hard to choose, since I've enjoyed reading each and every one of them (I almost did a random integer thing and wimped out of deciding!)! I'm excited to be in such a great group of people.

I did end up choosing The Handmade Quilt - the blog of Abbie. She seems to me in the weeks since I've been reading her blog, to be involved in more swaps, challenges, and groups than can be counted! She also organizes swaps and giveaways on her own blog. Some time in that (in addition to being a mom of three!), she has time to do gorgeous work, like this diamond embroidered quilt:

Now, don't get jealous of the next pictures! Okay, I already am jealous.... this is only PART of her fabric stash! With raw materials and organization like that, it's no wonder her creations are so fantastic! Check out the rest of her craft/sewing space by clicking on the picture!

(If my husband reads this, and I know he does, SEE the fabric stash could be WORSE!)

Well, thank you Abbie for being the first Spotlighted blog on Sew Craft Blog! Please check out Abbie's Blog! The Handmade Quilt


Abbie said...

Thanks for the feature K! I've truly enjoyed being in this group and have already met a lot of fantastic, cool people that i'm sure to be in touch with forever!!

Lory said...

Ok, now I don't feel so bad for having the amount of fabrics that I do! It's hard to resist. Gorgeous quilt, by the way. :):):)


enithhernandez said...

That is a lot of fabric! ***drooling*** Congrats Abbie :)

Tonya said...

Congrats Abbie!!! Keep up the good work!

Sharon said...

Wow! You meant that's *not* a fabric store? *LOL* ...I think we should have a Sew Craft Blog get-together at Abbie's so we can get a first hand look at those fabrics :-)
By the way, that quilt is beautiful.

Abbie S-Dyer said...

i love my group! you guys are too funny and sweet! wow....look at how fast groups are coming together keri!

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