Thursday, October 30, 2008

SCB Group #2 is now CLOSED!

Here are the final groupmates for Group #2:

1. Chris - Fuzzy Sheep Crafts
2. Kelly - Mama's Mess
3. Jenn - Simple Things
4. Fiona - The Winking Frog
5. Pattye - Pattye's Blog
6. Beth - Wee Pereas
7. Enith - Handmade Sisters Blog
8. Lory - The Diary of L
9. Sarah - In a Nutshell, Anachronism
10. Stacey - Luv2Knit
11. Mary - Confessions of a Craft Addict
12. Lesley - Life is but a Dream
13. Ruth - Spinning as Fast as I can....
14. Codi - Death by Denim
15. Nicki - Mimi's Room

Monday, October 20, 2008


This is just a post to say that I'm enjoying reading so many great blogs! I realized that for someone who joins Sew Craft Blog, it's a little bit of work to get things going (adding blogs to sidebar, posting about SCB). But after that, all you have to do is read the blogs and post once a week or so...... that's accomplishable, right?

So, don't be intimidated and join us!

Thanks to all who have joined so far! I'm working on spreading the word......

Monday, October 13, 2008

SCB Group #1 is now open!

Just a clarification: Your blog does NOT have to ONLY be about crafting or sewing. You just have to post sewing or crafting related posts periodically.

Okay, I'll start!
1. Keri - Quaint and Quirky
2. Beth - Life is a Musical
3. Mellissa - The Adventures of Wondermommy
4. AnnaMae - The Velvet Cloud
5. Yayaorchid - Chronicles of Yaya Orchid
6. Heather - Blue Bird Studio
7. Carrie - Dixie Mango
8. Tilly - Tilly's Tea
9. Deanna - Just Deanna
10. Kristin - See Mommy Sew
11. Katherine - Handmade-O-Holic
12. Abbie - Sewing with Abbie
13. Tonya - Patch Work PJ's
14. Sharon - Adventures from the Sewing Studio
15. Peggy - The House of Kent

And that concludes Sew Craft Blog Group #1 - I will be choosing one site to highlight over the weekend! Thanks to you all! Time to open Group #2!

How it Works

***Your blog does not have to be ONLY about crafting. You just have to post crafty items from time to time!

Each Sew Craft Blog group will include 15 members. When one group fills up, we will open another group.

Here's what to do in order to participate:

1. Write an email to Keri -

Include your first name, a link to your blog, and the general group where you think your blog belongs (general, sewing, needlecrafts, scrapbooking and papercrafts, painting, or other {please specify so I can fine tune the groups} ).

2. You will receive an email with a confirmation of which group you are in and the button for your blog. We will post the blog links of all members on the SCB blog as they are confirmed.

3. You are ready to:

~Write a post on your blog mentioning that you joined Sew Craft Blog.

~Add your group's button to your blog sidebar. (Instructions to come)

~Add your groupmates' blogs to your blogroll (you can setup a separate blogroll just for SCB if you want to keep it separate from the rest of the blogs you read).

~Go to your groupmates' blogs and introduce yourself!

~Please attempt to comment on your groupmates' blogs once a week (comment more frequently if you so desire!).

~Try to post one craft or sewing related post per week.

Check back to Sew Craft Blog to find new blogs to read, tutorials, and giveaways!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Welcome to Sew Craft Blog!

This is a blog for those creative people who blog! The orignial idea was not mine. I borrowed it (with permission) from Alana at Sisterhood of the Stamping Bloggers which my mother-in-law found and joined. I thought it was a great idea.... to form communities of crafty people who can encourage and inspire each other! But I'm less of a stamper and more of an all around crafter/sewer. So I started thinking......

In addition to the smaller communities, I wanted to form a larger community and help other bloggers get traffic to their sites. I noticed a pattern with many of the creative blogs I read faithfully. Many of them are moms and young single ladies trying to earn a little money through their creative talents. I love supporting endeavors like that!

My goal for SCB is to showcase the talents of SCB participants through their blogs. Here's how:

  • Each participant will have her (or his!) blog link posted on the blog and in a general archive for their craft (sewing, scrapbooking, fiber arts, painting, general, etc.)
  • At least one blog from each SCB group will be spotlighted on SCB when the group closes.
  • Anyone who donates a giveaway item will have their site showcased on the blog.
  • Anyone who shows us a tutorial will have their site showcased on the blog.

{More about all of these things to come!}

For now, if you want to read the blogs of other creative people and want them to read yours, consider joining Sew Craft Blog!