Thursday, October 9, 2008


Welcome to Sew Craft Blog!

This is a blog for those creative people who blog! The orignial idea was not mine. I borrowed it (with permission) from Alana at Sisterhood of the Stamping Bloggers which my mother-in-law found and joined. I thought it was a great idea.... to form communities of crafty people who can encourage and inspire each other! But I'm less of a stamper and more of an all around crafter/sewer. So I started thinking......

In addition to the smaller communities, I wanted to form a larger community and help other bloggers get traffic to their sites. I noticed a pattern with many of the creative blogs I read faithfully. Many of them are moms and young single ladies trying to earn a little money through their creative talents. I love supporting endeavors like that!

My goal for SCB is to showcase the talents of SCB participants through their blogs. Here's how:

  • Each participant will have her (or his!) blog link posted on the blog and in a general archive for their craft (sewing, scrapbooking, fiber arts, painting, general, etc.)
  • At least one blog from each SCB group will be spotlighted on SCB when the group closes.
  • Anyone who donates a giveaway item will have their site showcased on the blog.
  • Anyone who shows us a tutorial will have their site showcased on the blog.

{More about all of these things to come!}

For now, if you want to read the blogs of other creative people and want them to read yours, consider joining Sew Craft Blog!

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