Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spotlight on Simple Things (Jenn)

Our Sew Craft Blog Group #2 Spotlight is on Jenn from Simple Things!

Jenn's site displays some of her gorgeous creations (especially ones for babies!)

Check out her beautiful Christmas stocking!

Here's a gorgeous baby sweater and booties she created:

Check out Jenn's Blog for more! Simple Things

Monday, November 10, 2008

SCB Group #3 is now CLOSED!

Here is Group #3!

SCB Group #3:
1. Amanda - Inexplicable Candor
2. Alicia - AliciaJeanae
3. Salinda - Salinda's Blog
4. Hillary - The Gleam of Rose Tea
5. Becky - Sew and So
6. Sarah - Sarah's Threads
7. Linda - Danvillegirl Sewing Diary
8. Angelia - Sew Much to Sew
9. Debb - PB Designs
10. Jennifer - Fancy That
11. Rose - Rose's Sewing Room
12. Shawna - What would you do with 25 Hour Days?
13. Michaela - Craft Farm
14. Tala - Corvus Tristis
15. Claire - Panhandler

Monday, November 3, 2008

Spotlight on The Handmade Quilt (Abbie)

Since Sew Craft Blog group #1 has closed, I've chosen to spotlight one of the fantastic blogs in that group. It was really hard to choose, since I've enjoyed reading each and every one of them (I almost did a random integer thing and wimped out of deciding!)! I'm excited to be in such a great group of people.

I did end up choosing The Handmade Quilt - the blog of Abbie. She seems to me in the weeks since I've been reading her blog, to be involved in more swaps, challenges, and groups than can be counted! She also organizes swaps and giveaways on her own blog. Some time in that (in addition to being a mom of three!), she has time to do gorgeous work, like this diamond embroidered quilt:

Now, don't get jealous of the next pictures! Okay, I already am jealous.... this is only PART of her fabric stash! With raw materials and organization like that, it's no wonder her creations are so fantastic! Check out the rest of her craft/sewing space by clicking on the picture!

(If my husband reads this, and I know he does, SEE the fabric stash could be WORSE!)

Well, thank you Abbie for being the first Spotlighted blog on Sew Craft Blog! Please check out Abbie's Blog! The Handmade Quilt